Thursday, May 17, 2012

On the Move Again

Some of you know this but for those that have not heard yet, we are moving, again.  I have not been able to post to the blog due to being extremely busy packing so that we can go back to PA for a little over a month and packing to move towns.  That's right, we are moving villages.  The position that I have been in this year was funded by a grant.  This was the last year of the grant and a new grant has not yet been obtained so I had to look out for my family and find a more reliable income.  I headed to the job fair in Anchorage and interviewed with several school districts.  After much discussion Andrew and I decided that Northwest Arctic Borough School District was the right fit for us.  I accepted a position as the counselor for 2 sites.  We will be living in Buckland (all the way on the west coast side of the state) and I will also be spending a few days every couple of weeks in Deering (about 40 miles from Buckland).  Andrew and I are bittersweet in our feelings towards this move.  While we are excited about the new challenges and adventures, we are sad to leave The Flats.  We have become very attached to this quirky little community in the 8.5 months that we have lived here and will be sad to leave all of our friends here.  But it's time for new scenes and people.  I will write more about our entire year adventure once we have gotten out of Alaska and have a few more moments of free time, but for now we must be off to continue packing and preparing for leaving.  We will be leaving the land of the Indian and heading to the land of the Eskimo (that's actually what one of the native people here said to me, interesting to hear them refer to each group this way). 

~ Jocelyn

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