Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A little closer

Well things are sent, a house is found, airlines are booked and we are less than 2weeks till we leave... you would think that would mean are ready to go... instead it means we still have A LOT of stuff yet to do. Our house is far from ready to leave for 9 months let alone have someone move into... And then there are all the trips that we have to make before we leave. These will be some of the hardest parts ahead. One trip is to take 2 of our oarrots to their new homes:( I know it will be OK but it is definitely one of the things that I will miss, they are part of the family you know. In addition to these trying trips there are also random miscelany trips to get last minute things and take belongings we aren't keeping elsewhere as well as taking the camper to winter storage. OK that doesn't seem like all that much but look at that list again... OK now I just overwhelmed myself again with all that has to be done still. I know that it will all get done but right now I am tired and I think a night of sleep will help the overwhelmed feeling. Well there will be more to come so keep reading... Night all!
~ Jocelyn

Friday, July 15, 2011

Lessons in packing 2

So the packing continues and so do the lessons. So here's my next set of lessons:
1. No matter what there will always be more than you think.
2. It is quite difficult to pair your life down to less than 20 bins.
3. "It's their rules..." (referring to flat rate boxes that get to 50pounds)
4. You will inevitably need something that not only did you already pack but you already shipped
5. The cat still thinks she should come with you via mail.
6. Birds do not like a tower of boxes in front of their window.
7. Dogs like to stand exactly where you plan to put the next bin.
8. Shipping at the post office gets you funny looks when you bring in 8 totes.
9. Despite your best efforts or thinking, you will need a checked bag when you fly to your destination (when you are moving there that is) cause there are going to be a lot more that you need to keep till you leave and will also need fairly quickly upon your arrival.
10. In the delirium of sleep deprivation you will argue with you spouse and half way through you will realize you are arguing the same side (leads to that strange dog head tilt look)
11. Your father will do something quite ridiculous because you are leaving that will have everyone laughing even though it was rather serious at the time (thanks for the memories dad, love you!)
There will always be another lesson or another thing that reminds you of a previous lesson so off to pack more I go.
~ Jocelyn

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Well I believe we finally found a place to live. I have not seen pictures but we cannot afford to be choosy as there really aren't any other places. Yes it has running water (another reason we can't be picky). It's a 4 bedroom so we should have plenty of room for us and any visitors that may happen our way. The house is about a 10 minute walk to the school and about equally that far to the airport. The husband of the couple that owns the house also works for the district (in Circle) so I will get to meet them. I am relieved that at least we have a place to rest our heads and stay safe from the cold. I will post any pics I may get of the house or at the very least I will post some when I get there and take some.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

counting down

Here we are with only a few weeks left. There is so much left to do but the lists just seem to keep getting longer not shorter. We have completed a lot of things but there are still a lot to go. I know it will all get done but right now its a bit overwhelming. There probably won't be that many posts from now until we leave and I apologize in advance for this but the priorities of getting there have to take the front seat. Feel free to comment or email with questions you have for us about our journey or just with notes about whatever.